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Congratulations on starting your own business! You must feel like there's a million things to do. We want to help get you on the right track in the planning process. The planning step lays the foundation of your business and we have outlined some information to support you in this first step.

Starting a Business

You're probably bombarded with tasks you know you need to complete to get your business off the ground. Maybe there's some things you need to do that you aren't even aware of. Check out some of the resources below to make sure all of your bases are covered.

Develop a Business Plan

Don't forget to write a business plan. It may seem like an extra step you aren't concerned about, but a solid business plan is your roadmap for how to structure, run, and grow your new business. Don't be overwhelmed by it.

Determine Start Up Costs

Cost is probably one of the things you are most interested in figuring out for your new business. Use these resources to calculate startup costs, plan for financing, and foresee how best to make a profit.

Attend an Educational Event

We want to make sure you aren't feeling alone in this exciting journey. There are opportunities to get in-person help and education across the state. If you have questions, or are confused at what all you need to do when starting your new small business, we invite you to attend an event in your area.