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At this point, you're the captain of your ship and you want to make sure it is smooth sailing. Managing your day-to-day operations the right way prepares you for success. There's a large amount of responsibility when you're a business owner and even bosses need help sometimes.


Taxes are just a part of doing business; a big part. You want to make sure that you are up-to-date on all of the tax obligations for your business. To stay in good legal standing you must maintain your federal, state and local taxes.


Not only do you need overall emergency insurance, but you will also need to have an unemployment compensation fund and workers compensation insurance. This will protect your business as well as your employees.

Best Practices

Successful businesses have certain things in common. Ensure you are on the right track for success by keeping thorough records, preparing for disasters, investing in some cyber security, and making sure you are using safe and healthy practices in your business. You can find out more about these best practices here.

Closing A Business

We hate to see you go, but we know that sometimes you have to close your business. Make sure you do it the right way! There are some state and federal obligations that you must complete to make sure you have closed out your business.