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Atlas Alabama was designed to help business owners identify typical permits, licenses, certifications, etc. for given activities undertaken by businesses. This site offers a starting point for entrepreneurs and small business owners to locate the requirements, tips, news, and contact information that can help when opening or expanding a business.

How do I use this site?
Atlas Alabama wants to help you throughout the life of your business. We’ve curated resources for whatever stage your business may be in: planning, launching, managing, growing, and closing. Utilize the plan, launch, manage, and grow links on the homepage to access these extensive resources or find a short list of essential resources on the quick links page.

What is the Alabama Small Business Commission?

The Alabama Small Business Commission is an appointed group of state small/independent business owners responsible for advising government entities regarding legislation that affects small businesses. Learn more about the ASBC.

Why are local resources important?

Atlas Alabama is intended to be a starting point for entrepreneurs and small business owners when researching opening or expanding a business. Through the county and municipality directories, Atlas Alabama provides local resources in hopes of connecting entrepreneurs and small business owners with Small Business Development Centers, Taxpayer Service Centers, Business License Offices, and Chambers of Commerce in their area.

What types of resources can I access for my business?

You can access county and municipality resources, state and national resources, mandatory business requirements for all business, and industry-specific requirements according to your specific type of business.

How does an Alabama municipality submit information on police jurisdictions in accordance with Act 2015-361 and Act 2016-391?

Atlas Alabama is an initiative of the Alabama Small Business Commission. It is designed to be a web portal for small businesses to access information that is critical to the economic growth of small businesses. The website was not designed to be a data repository. Accordingly, receiving submitted notices, as provided in Act 2015-361 and Act 2016-391, would not be feasible without incurring costs that would be passed on to the cities and towns. However, since the Act also allows for the submission through any successor state-operated website, the Department of Revenue website has been designated as the successor state-operated website to receive and post notices that are submitted by cities and towns. Access more information on police jurisdictions through the Department of Revenue’s Sales & Use Tax Division.