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Use this outline as a sample to base your business plan on. Its important to have all your bases covered. Some of these may not apply to your small business, but it is better to have more than you need than not enough.

  • Executive Summary
    • Objectives
    • Mission
    • Keys to Success
  • Company Summary
    • Company Ownership
    • Company History (for ongoing companies) or Start-up Plan (for new companies)
    • Company Locations and Facilities
  • Products and Services
    • Product and Service Description
    • Competitive Comparison
    • Sales Literature
    • Sourcing and Fulfillment
    • Technology
    • Future Products and Services
  • Market Analysis Summary
    • Market Segmentation
    • Target Market Segment Strategy
      • Market Needs
      • Market Trends
      • Market Growth
    • Industry Analysis
      • Industry Participants
      • Distribution Patterns
      • Competition and Buying Patterns
      • Main Competitors
    • Strategy and Implementation Summary
      • Strategy Pyramids
      • Value Proposition
      • Competitive Edge
      • Marketing Strategy
        • Positioning Statements
        • Pricing Strategy
        • Promotion Strategy
        • Distribution Patterns
        • Marketing Programs
      • Sales Strategy
        • Sales Forecast
        • Sales Programs
      • Strategic Alliances
      • Milestone
    • Management Summary
      • Organizational Structure
      • Management Team
      • Management Team Gaps
      • Personnel Plan
    • Financial Plan
      • Important Assumptions
      • Key Financial Indicators
      • Break-even Analysis
      • Projected Profit and Loss
      • Protected Cash Flow
      • Projected Balance Sheet
      • Business Ratios
      • Long-term Plan
    • Appendix