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Finding a location for your small business and setting up your warehouse, office, or other space is a very important step to success. Below are some utility resources throughout the state.

Alabama Power

Alabama Power offers a wide variety of services and information dedicated to Small Business owners. Their website provides information on energy education, money-saving incentives, and ideas for growth and sustainability. Check out their video library with testimonials from Alabama business owners who have taken advantage of their free on-site audits. Please visit the Alabama Power Business website for more information.

Alabama 811: Call Before You Dig

Alabama 811 is your first step in protecting the utility services to your business from damage due to excavation activities. No job is too small to have the underground facilities marked prior to any excavation work being done. With only a 2 working day notice, our member utilities will mark their facilities at your business free of charge. Call 811 or visit our WebPortal for e-ticket entry. For more information on how Alabama 811 works, visit our website at al811.com.

Powersouth Electric Cooperative

Powersouth Electric Cooperative is a generation and transmission (G&T) cooperative providing the wholesale power needs of 20 distribution members in Alabama and northwest Florida. For more information please visit the Powersouth Electric Cooperative website.

Southeast Alabama Gas District

Southeast Alabama Gas District provides natural gas service to small businesses, residences and industrial sites in 35 communities throughout Southeast Alabama. For more information about how SEAGD can help your small business with energy solutions, please visit the SEAGD website.