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Month: June 2019

Secretary Merrill Announces Three Consecutive Years of Same-Day Business Filings

  • June 21st, 2019

Friday, June 21, 2019 – MONTGOMERY –Today marks three consecutive years of same-day business filings by the Alabama Secretary of State’s Office.

“Today, we have reached a great milestone in modernizing the business filings process for all corporate filings,” said Secretary Merrill.

“When I took office January 19, 2015, the business filing process where corporations were recorded took up to 7 months. Not only is the business harmed, but some business owners had to wait 7 months to open a simple business bank account, obtain a line of credit or bank loan, or have appropriate resources to meet their first payroll. Bureaucracy does not care if your small business is your only source of income. The system was covered in red tape that had significant impacts for all hard-working business owners.

“I am proud to say that now, business owners will never have to wait longer than the one-day speed our office so efficiently provides,” said Merrill. He added, “We no longer operate at the speed of government, we are operating at the speed of business!”

“Government should be working for the people and helping businesses grow and thrive, not burdening them with endless processing times that inhibit a business’s ability to provide goods and services,” said Business Council of Alabama President and CEO Katie Boyd Britt. “I commend the Secretary of State’s Office for their dedication and service to the people of Alabama.”

Since implementing the same-day policy, filings are made significantly more helpful to the business community and Alabama’s economy.

“I have not received a complaint about the business filings procedure or turnaround time since Secretary Merrill has had this policy in place,” said Rosemary Elebash, National Federation of Independent Business Alabama State Director. “Starting a business is time-consuming enough, whether someone is starting a new business or changing their current business. When you’re made to wait on a process outside your control, you are not producing anything, hiring anyone, or earning income. Therefore, it is so important to get this done in a timely manner. What a great accomplishment it is to have so consistently served Alabama business people this way.”


Read the original press release at the Alabama Secretary of State website.