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2017 National Small Business Week

  • April 25, 2017

The Internal Revenue Service recognizes the fact that small business owners are the heart and soul of the economic community, and often have little time to learn more about taxes. As a result, to make taxes less taxing a new series of online educational tax discussions is being piloted called “IRS Tax Tools in 10…” give us 10-minutes, and we’ll give you the tax tools to help meet your Small Business needs. The dates and times of each roundtable discussion is below:

May 1st – Worker Classification – 10am & 1pm – Central

May 2nd – 3rd Party Payers – 10am & 1pm – Central

May 3rd – Sharing Economy – 10am & 1pm – Central

May 4th – Online Resources – 10am & 1pm – Central

May 5th – Small Business ID Theft – 10am & 1pm – Central

Attendance is limited, so please register by providing your name, e-mail, session date and time by e-mail to SBSE.SL.Web.Conference.Team@irs.gov . Closed Captioning will be available.