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How can Mobile help small businesses?

  • June 21, 2016

FOX10 News is committed to tracking the growth of our local economy.

The City of Mobile has started a new program where Mayor Sandy Stimpson will meet with small business owners to discuss the challenges they face.

Small business owners and others attended a Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce event Tuesday morning listening to the latest developments at the Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley.

Mayor Stimpson has announced he would like to meet with small business owners in a new initiative called Meet Mobile.

The purpose?

Laura Byrne with the City of Mobile said it’s to “find the best way to address their needs. Every small business owner has different needs, different challenges that they face every day, and we have that conversation to figure out what those are and how we can better serve them as a city.”

What would small business owners say to Mayor Stimpson?

David Calametti, who owns Alabama Coasting, said, “It’s difficult to build in this town. It’s difficult to understand what the rules are because they seem to often change when you’re opening a new restaurant or new business

The owner of Elegant Knights Limo and Party Bus and says she would discuss transportation issues.

Mary Taylor said that would be “getting around and to have more exposure.”

But not everyone has a laundry list of issues.

Sam St. John with Logical Computer Solutions said, “Things have been really going great for us. As you know, the City of Mobile is growing rapidly.”

Glenda Snodgrass with the The Net Effect said, “I think we’re definitely going in the right direction. Things are looking up.”

Byrne says there’s already been good response to the program and meeting schedules are being drawn up.

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