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city of Argo

City Website

Welcome to the city of Argo

Argo is located in west-central St. Clair County and northeast Jefferson County in the central part of the state; most of the town lies in St. Clair County. Argo maintains one city park that features a children's area, a running track with varying levels of difficulty, and a pavilion.

Core Services

Business Licenses

Business licenses are often administered by the Municipality’s Office of the Probate Judge or the Department of Revenue. Access the Municipality business license application or contact information for obtaining a license here.

Departments & Agencies

Small businesses often interact with counties on a departmental level. Access a list of municipality departments that oversee things from building regulations to utilities.


Access a primary municipality news source for the latest municipality information.

Contact Us

Find locations, addresses, and phone numbers for various city officials here.

  • 100 Blackjack Road
    Argo, AL 35173
  • (205) 352-2120